JadeRune.net E-Mail Guide

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Here is how to start using your JadeRune.net e-mail account:

  1. Install an e-mail client such as Thunderbird or Neomutt.
  2. Configure a new account using the following credentials:
    • Username: <your_email_addres>
    • Password: <your_password>
    • IMAP Server: mail.jaderune.net
    • IMAP Service/Port: IMAPS/993
    • SMTP Server: mail.jaderune.net
    • SMTP Service/Port: SMTPS/465
  3. If necessary, select "Use the same credentials for SMTP." so the client will use your IMAP username and password for SMTP as well.

You should now be set up and able to send/receive emails from your e-mail client!

Don't forget that you can ask for help in our General chatroom at any time.