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We provide a variety of services free for our members to use. By default, every member will get an XMPP account on our servers. Check out the cards below to read more about the individual services and for instructions on getting set up with some recommended clients. The servers hosting these services are in Karlsruhe, Germany.

We also have a status page provided by UptimeRobot which shows which services are currently online. If you can't access a particular service, check here first to see if it is offline.


JadeRune.net provides an email address for every member with IMAP access and a web interface powered by Roundcube.

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XMPP is the primary way we communicate. It offers 1-on-1 and group chat capabilities as well as voice and video calling.



We run a mumble server for voice communications. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to have high-quality VOIP calls.



We host a Gitea server to for those who wish to collaborate on programming or other such projects using Git.



We run a Jitsi video conference server which can be used to host multi-participant conferences in a manner similar to Zoom.


What Does All This Run On?

We use VPSes to host our infrastructure. Currently, we use netcup.

The OpenBSD Logo Our email server runs the latest stable version of OpenBSD.

The FreeBSD Logo Our main server runs the latest stable version of FreeBSD.

The Debian Logo Our Jitsi server runs the latest stable version of Debian.

How Much Does This Cost?

In the interest of transparency, below is a record of the yearly cost of each element of our infrastructure: