JadeRune.net Rules

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Last Updated: 2021-08-04

This lodge is open to members voluntarily and on an invite-only basis. It is not a public space. Members are expected to act without malice and in good faith. Acting otherwise may lead to removal from the lodge regardless of whether or not a rule has been specifically violated. Furthermore, it is expected that members abide by these rules both inside and outside of the community.

Rules of Conduct

Harassment and Discrimination

Promoting or taking part in the harassment of any group of people or individual persons is strictly not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:

Illegal Content

Illegal conduct by our members is not tolerated. The use of our services to conduct activities illegal in Canada, Germany, or the country of the user conducting such activities is strictly prohibited.

However, note that I couldn't care less if you pirate music, jaywalk, or accidentally forget to properly vaccinate your dog, just don't use our services to distribute pirated content, organize illegal activities, or do other such things.

In extreme cases (e.g. child sexual exploitation, murder, etc.) users found violating this rule will be reported to the relevant authorities.

The “Lotus” Rule

The Lotus Rule dictates: in order to share information about a member of the ___ with anybody else, one must obtain explicit permission from the person who’s information is being shared to do so. It is expected that our members abide by this rule for any information that can be considered sensitive (i.e. stuff that the other person has not shared publicly).

Violations of the Rules

JadeRune.net moderators reserve the right to take immediate action to protect other users and the community as a whole. I will try to thoroughly investigate incidents, but will put an immediate stop to whatever violation is happening as I see it.

Those found violating these rules may have their accounts suspended, terminated, or have certain privileges revoked depending on the severity of the infraction.

Account Inactivity

I reserve the right to delete accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time (>1yr).

If you plan to take an extended break from JadeRune.net, please notify the administrators with this information as well as an estimation of how long you will be away. I will not delete your account in this case, but note that if you are gone at least six months longer than your estimated time without giving any further updates, I will most likely delete your account.

Translations of These Rules

Translations of these rules are permitted. However, the English copy of the rules takes precedence and will be used to make all final decisions.